Monday, June 30, 2014

11 days post-op

I haven't posted anything since Day 5 because really, it's been about the same since then. Had surgery on Thursday the 19th, and quit taking pain meds on Sunday the 22nd... And was out working in the garden on Monday the 23rd! 
Just a dull ache or throb every now & then... Had a numb right side of the tongue for 2 days, and blurry far off vision for 3 days, but that all cleared up. Been sleeping on my surgery side since the bandages came off. 
This was WAY easier than I anticipated!!!

Now just waiting for my activation TOMORROW, July 1st!!

Here's my incision as of yesterday:

Monday, June 23, 2014

My Cochlear Implant Surgery Days 1-5

This is now Monday, June 23.... I had my Cochlear Implant Surgery on Thursday, June 19th.

Thursday, June 19th
*Day of Surgery*

I got up at 3:30am, took a quick shower, and couldn't have anything to eat or drink.... which made me cranky!
We left the hotel and headed to UAMS.... Took forever to find our way inside and to the 4th floor as everything was locked since it was so early. Finally checked in, and by 5:15am I was back getting into my lovely hospital gown

Complete with not so awesome compression socks

Then, I just sat and waited as they came and asked me 3564367 questions.
Kenneth played on Craigslist a lot.

They came in to mark my correct ear

They let both Mom & Kenneth wait until it was time for me to go back. One of Dr. Dornhoffer's assistants came over to talk and he had a British accent, and for some reason, that was very calming. Lol

The nurse came and hooked up my IV....

Then next thing I know, it was time to wheel me off for surgery! I don't even remember falling asleep- I zonked out before I even got to the operating room

Next thing I know, they were trying to wake me up, and when they did... Barfalapoolooza happened. And I hadn't eaten anything to come up, which was even worse. 

I remember I kept telling them that I wanted a Sprite (which would settle my stomach) and at first they were telling me no, but I think in between passing back out, I yelled at them to get me one. And they did.

Apparently they couldn't get my nausea and vomiting to stop, and kept trying various things. I remember them rolling me over once to give me a shot in my hip. Thinking back now, that means I totally flashed them. They let Mom & Kenneth come back a few minutes until I started puking again. The nurse was talking about admitting me for observations overnight. Guess that scared some shock into my body because I stopped feeling nauseous. Then my only problem was waking up. I remember telling the nurses when they would ask if I wanted them to go get Mom and Kenneth to help me get dressed, that I wanted "5 more minutes"... Which is what I tell Kenneth when I want more sleep. Lol

They finally brought them back and got me dressed

Then wheeled me out in the wheelchair (which I slept through most of that)

And I crawled into the back seat with my Care Bear (don't be hatin'.... Got that bear 30 years ago when I had tubes in my ears) and slept most of the way home. Except when I woke up starving and ate an entire bag of kettle corn laying down with my eyes closed.

I got home about 3:30, and just slept. Woke up around 6 to a text from my friend Sam that they were sending pizza.... Boy, was I excited about that! I ate 3 pieces.... Then went back to sleep. 

Day 2- Friday

Mom came over to stay with me Friday while Kenneth was at work. Slept pretty much the whole day.... Got up at lunch to eat soup, and ate yummy dinner courtesy of Autumn via Mystic Meals.... Did take a bath (no shower yet). Pain is not too bad, some bubble sounds in my ears but no metal taste, thankfully!

Day 3- Saturday

Today I was supposed to get my bandages off, but it ended up storming an a tree fell on Mom's shop, so we postponed that til Sunday. Slept most of the day until my aunts & uncle brought by some BBQ.... Tasty! I was about 2/3 done eating when a dizzy spell hit me, and I broke out in a sweat. Apparently I had knocked of my anti nausea patch at some point... Had to go lay back down the rest of the night.

Day 4- Sunday

Mom came over to take off my bandages!!!! The whole top of my ear is completely numb. I have to keep checking to see if it's still there. Weird, I know. Got to take a SHOWER and wash my hair!  Makes it hard to wash or brush hair because I can't feel my ear. 
Stayed up and watched a movie tonight- and made fresh mulberry cobbler!

Day 5- Monday

Ear is still numb, except the very bottom tip. But... Woke up this morning with part of the right back side of my tongue numb. Ugh. Should go away in days or weeks, along with the numb ear. 
Head just feels a little heavy (due to the magnet inside maybe?), and a little pain... Didn't take my pain meds today since they make me dizzy, just took an Aleve. My ear sticks out a little because of the swelling. Felt a little dizzy-ish today so stayed in bed most of the day. Hoping tomorrow I can get up and get crafty!

Waiting for July 1 & 2 when I get my external parts and get activated!!